What is this all about

Some random Manila vendors in Las Pinas


Whenever I ask foreign friends the question ‘How’s Manila?’ I will always, always get the answer, “crazy” – like living in Manila for more than two decades wasn’t enough to burden me with that.

Crazy, according to the online version of the Merriam-Webster dictionary, means “being out of the ordinary” so their description of Manila can be both positive and negative, depending on your side of the coin. Kind of nice and not nice, good to hear and not good to hear.

Frankly, it doesn’t matter, because I for myself know that living here is crazy, and it makes me love Manila more and more.

One friend, however, did not join my other soft-spoken foreign friends that when asked the same question, without batting an eyelash, he just told me, “I wouldn’t want to hear my answer, if I were you.”

His answer was as straightforward as when Jesus said the fig tree wasn’t to bear fruit any longer.

Naturally, I thought of faking a a smile. But somehow, all the sugar-coated description my other friends told me suddenly just made sense.


And I loved it. For some strange reason, I was in no way offended but challenged. It made me realize the real meaning of the word crazy.


So after memorizing the video soundtrack of Malaysia’s travel ad in Discovery channel, reading a few travel magazine articles, some late-night online bookings and some more chatting with friends all over the world, I suddenly had a brilliant, Archimedes idea: I will dedicate a site solely for telling the world how it is to be a citizen of Manila.

Hence, the simple Manila Citizen Blog was born. Nothing fancy, just a little bit of how it feels to be trapped in this maze called Metro Manila. Some little stuff I want to share to my friends about living here and travelling here before they go off somewhere else in the Philippines, away from the pollution, noise and world-class traffic.

This is my city. This is my home. I hope to finish everything I can share before 2013.

Some of you already know I have another blog, which I intermittently maintain, but this is purely about Manila and the travel life of a Manila citizen.

If you have thoughts you want to share to me, just email me at manilacitizenikki@gmail.com and I’d love to hear them. Or simple hit ‘comment’ and I’d love to have a chat.


6 thoughts on “What is this all about

  1. I’ve never been to the Philippines but would love to visit some day. Thank you for sharing your insights on Manila and travel writing. Also, thank you for stopping by Travel Oops and liking the Travel Oops interview!

    1. hi steph. well that was funny – and the entire site is interesting. i personally was curious about diving during a storm…

      visit the Philippines! I can be your personal guide! 😀 I love doing that! 🙂

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