Another travel advisory issued

Again, I read another recent horrible kidnapping story last week. It happened in the southern areas of the Philippines.

For a Manila citizen like me, it’s not supposed to make me feel threatened or disturbed, but looking at a broader perspective, this cannot be the case.

I saw a travel advisory from the British government about travelling in the Philippines, in the aftermath of the kidnappings.

They’re kind of serious

Manila is far off from those areas, so people who visit here are not necessarily required to be scared.

(Well, except for this one person whom I know is too scared to travel here, he visits once every two months.)

Unless you count this. Or this. Or this. (Do you know you can actually type kidnap manila philippines in Google and it’s a top hit?) People in Manila are too preoccupied living their daily lives that we don’t have to kidnap or rob white people because most of us don’t have the time. We actually love foreign people that whenever locals meet one, they (or shall I say we) will always smile and try to engage them in a conversation.

There are exceptions to this rule, but generally, we always welcome tourists/travelers. And we never want to harm them.

Unless you count this. Or this. Or this.

Regardless of fears and negative news, travelling in Manila is free from threats of kidnapping. That’s why we welcome every one to visit us here and share this love for Manila to start off things.

Just saying people. Just saying.


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