How I crammed my Mt Pinatubo video

Watch video here

Let me tell you something about this video.

I responded to my friend, Melai’s, call to join them in this Mt Pinatubo expedition. A little along the way, the original team was changed: new people joined in, some of the original ones backed out for a reason or two.

I brought two cameras: one for still and one for video recording. This proved to be foolish, because it was a hike, and I never intended my puny (alright, for those who know me well, I am far from being puny) self to carry all the gears alone. I weirdly left the wangle lens at home and decided to bring the “ultra-zoom” as my best friend and I call it, and one prime, for whatever purposes.

When I was balancing my life between not-so-reliable lahar-tracks and wobbly stones, I was thinking of the lens inside my backpack and the two cameras dangling around my neck.

Good thing I met a kawal-friend, the great Tarlac photographer, Dax, who helped me out with carrying the other camera. He had a thing with Canon, so he was carrying the Nikon one all along.

I post-processed some photos I thought were helpful to the facebook pages of everyone in the team a few days after the trek.

Then I proceeded with the video, only to realize, I had the wrong resolution recorded and I was editing in a sequence with the wrong settings too. Har har. If my former thesismate and shooting buddy would read this, I’d get a slap from them.

Thing is, every single video file had to be converted to .avi because I have no Mac video editor. It took days for me to finish all 40+ files.

But along the way, AfterFX seemed to be having relationship problems with my laptop and it won’t render well. It was a sweet cool off between them, and I was left as a silent audience member looking sorry for  their sordid relationship.

As a result, Premier Pro’s acting up too, rejecting two sets of videos that I painstakingly rendered to .avi twice.

So came Windows Movie Maker, just to reconvert the two sets to .wmv hence, the loss of quality at some point.

Everyone has had a horror story of accidentally erasing a file. I did erase 10. Premier Pro was looking for them, but I could not explain to it how I lost them. I am thinking of another relationship analogy but can’t.

So I had to retrieve them lost files, to no avail, and re-render the raw files again.

Another two or three days.

Then, after exactly 40 days, this video was rendered complete by my beloved laptop – a bit less than the original format, but I’m done with it (don’t wanna redo it) nonetheless.



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