Some random Intramuros shots

Entrance to Intramuros

Some random information about Intramuros

If you are a tourist, you can take a cab. If you are a traveller, take a jeepney. It’s more fun and more exciting.

Once there at the entrance, you must always make sure you will get lost. Do not, ever, consult a map or something, because it takes away the fun in seeing the entire Walled City of Manila.

Pollution level: Not so high because of the walls.

Warning: Being lost and looking like a rich person (especially if you’re travelling with photo gears or you’re carrying your precious iPhone with the reliable GPS app) never ever let your guard down. You might end up in some random residential street and you don’t want to make people notice you.

It’s always best to be natural-looking. If you can’t hide the fact that you’re blonde or you have white skin or your height is simply attention-grabbing, bring lots of prayers with you.

Disclaimer: This is a tourist place, so people are used to seeing tourists flocking their turf. Don’t mind thinking about getting kidnapped or mobbed or whatnot. Enjoy the place because it gives you an idea about us, Filipinos, as a culture.

If you want some random briefing on its history, I found a site, a non-Wikipedia one, for you. Here.

Also, if you really want a great, safe tour, get this guy to tour you around. I met him when I was around 7, and from my 7 yr old POV, he rocks.

Another great idea is to eat near the schools in the wall area facing the Manila City Hall. Street food eating in the Philippines is always exciting. Be sure you have the guts to actually do it.

For more information about my side trip here last 2011, click here.

Outside Manila Cathedral

Manila Cathedral

Some random guy's shadow

Outside the famous Tamayo's restaurant

Intramuros is all about being historical
Mais - a popular Filipino merienda (snack) which costs around P5 - P10 depending on the number of cheese you want and relationship you've established with the vendor
The iconic Manila City Hall
Something-y on the wall while we were eating. A jar perhaps? A pot?
When you're photographing the canons, never miss the people posing on the other side

For other photos, click here. It’s in my Flickr account.


2 thoughts on “Some random Intramuros shots

  1. I was at Intramuros just Sunday. The place is alive again…with Tourists!!! Your photos are amazing. But your “Warning” sounded like Manila is a very dangerous place for tourists. Although part of me must agree…

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