Why flag ceremonies are more fun here in the Philippines

NO – For my travel companions, I have not written about the Hot Air Balloon Festival 2012 yet. Blame it to my lack of time, inspiration, whatever, and I still don’t if I still want to actually.

But I am posting the video of the event’s National Anthem number. Even if I sort of broke my neck and had a hard time supressing my vocal cords in hopes that the camera won’t pick up my singing of our beloved national anthem, I really think this part rocks just as much as the other parts of the event.

I haven’t tried sky jumping yet – and if anyone is up for a ride next year with Melai, Nadine and me, you’re free to come, just bring a GoPro vidcam with you – but I know it’s not easy. Jumping 5 meters above sea level is heart-pumping for me already, how much more jumping 20,000 ft from the ground and waving that humungous flag with you. Now I wonder if the person who was holding this had his/her hand on his/her left chest.

National anthem - more fun in the Philippines style

In the Philippines, I grew up being the “conductor” in school flag ceremonies. What if – to make things more interesting – flag bearer-students from all over the Philippines are now required to jump from a plane / helicopter every morning for the school’s flag ceremony? The conductor will be strapped on a floating podium or something and wave his/her hand for the rest of the students and faculty members to see.

In this way, there will be no problem of the students being too short of height.

Just saying.


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