The great bargain – Manila Citizen goes back to Boracay!

After bargaining with God that we be allowed to check-in 15 minutes after the closing of the counter, 30 minutes of walking around Terminal 3 due to flight delays, making siksik between rowdy Pinoy guys and timid Russian girls (don’t ask me how, I just know) in the airport shuttle, telling my suki driver to pick us up from Kalibo airport for the nth time, some last-minute ‘CR’ moments, I found myself in the island of Boracay last February for the 3rd time in 11 months.

View from the island
I will never get tired of this place

That is the most number of times I’ve been in a place outside Manila for travel. It may mean that Boracay has won my heart when it comes to a vacation getaway. It may also mean that I am really made to be a Boracay citizen, as I am fond of claiming in my rare bouts of normalcy.

But for whatever reasons I may have in my id, I know for a fact that Boracay is a good place to enjoy pristine beaches and meet good people on a budget.

On a budget?!

Seriously, I don’t think I need to sell my aging laptop to enjoy Boracay. I went to Boracay last March 2011 with a thousand peso worth of pocket money. I had a Philippine Airline ticket on Fiesta Class and my hotel is not a backpacker’s hotel. Well, I stayed only for 23 hours, but what the hey, it didn’t deter me from enjoying sailing and jet skiing with friends.

Our Kalibo shuttle driver
Hello Kuya. You’re the representative of my other Kuya driver

The reason for going back was to make a video about it. Let the world know how beautiful Boracay is. I also intended to shoot a music video for my friend’s friend (he’s a famous Boracay artist, renown internationally, but Manila citizens don’t know it generally), but due to so many various conflicts, we decided to skip the idea.

Boracay Island waters
Shooting something astoundingly breathtaking in the beach waters of my beloved island

This trip to Boracay had one particular activity in mind – to cliff jump in Ariel’s Point. It costs P1,500 with unlimited drinks, lunch buffet and an unlimited chance to risk your life and jump off  cliffs with varying heights.

I think, if I could sum up my time frame in the island, I could give 30% for water activities, 20% for travel time, 20% for eating time and 30% for work.

Blackberry and Boracay
Blackberry and Boracay

Boracay adds pizzazz to work

At 3:30M, I found myself opening a laptop and downloading banner codes for my office’s website. My friend was on her Blackberry, talking to her officemates. My other friend, a Boracay citizen, finally commented on my sheer lack of fun, “You’re in Boracay! How come you’re working?”

Well, if I don’t work while on vacation, I think I can forget ever going back to Boracay at whim.

But I enjoyed my two and a half days in the island and I don’t mind going back if any of  you out there will ask me to give you a rough guide. Maybe after my Vietnam trip, and one of my Vietnam friends ask me, I can go back and have fun time with them there.

I’ll just let them pay for my fare and I’m all set. Ha ha.


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