Cliff jumping in Boracay

So you’re an active person, never getting why people don’t exercise. You constantly fill your time with strenuous activities, insert into every possible conversation the need to flex your bodies and have a healthy lifestyle. You bore your already-boring friends about the life out there. You try to live your life as if every waking day is the last. Your favourite expression is the closest you can have in knowing the French language: C’est la vie.

But you’re boxed in an eight-hour job. Your boss is constantly breathing down your neck to make you a better employee. You wake up, go to work, go play your sport (maybe tennis, badminton or swimming) and go home to complete another cycle of your dull existence.

Then you go to Boracay – an island flocked by yuppies like you to escape the urban jungle or deadlines, quick breaks, phone calls, unending emails and mobility. In the few days that your company allowed you to escape its prying eyes, what are you to do? Of course, you are of the extreme side and you don’t just like soaking up the sun.

My advice: Go cliff jumping in Ariel’s Point.

It’s fun. It’s cool. Plus it’s unlimited.

Thirty minutes from the island of Boracay, Ariel’s Point is a popular destination for tourists who want free-flowing booze, good food and good fun. You simply cannot not try cliff jumping, because it will test how much faith you have in God (or in whatever cosmos shenanigan you believe in).

You will only have to register in Boracay Beach Club in Station 1, pay P1,500 and the hours from 11:00 to 4:00 will be amazing.

There are five jumping points: 2 meters, 4 meters, 5 meters, 8 meters, and 15 meters.


My personal experience

Armed with lots of self-confidence, I told myself and my best friend that reaching the area, I’d try jumping off the 15 meters first. I took one look at the point and holding on the wooden railing, I immediately told my chickened self that the 4 meters seemed to be a good exercise first.

I took the leap, while others, including a 7 year old and a 13 year old, were all jumping in different points already. Some simply went up and down, up and down like those Lemmings creature from the game.

It was like a simple I’ll-do-it-now-while-I’m-not-thinking moment. So I jumped 4 meters, climbed up and jumped 5 meters immediately after. No thinking required. My best friend took the video and the rest of the newfound friends we had cheered on.

After that, we were called for lunch.

The jump from the 8 meter point was postponed. The jump from the highest postponed further.

Talking over jumping the 15-meter point, we sounded so pumped up and ready to do whatever, face the challenges and move on with our lives, but when I tried walking to the 15 meter point after meal, no one was jumping anymore that I felt alone.

Suddenly, I felt deprived of any cheering people so I turned to my best friend and we just rode the kayak and snorkelled around the area. We made a few ephemeral friends and talked about cultures until it was time to head back.

We left Ariel’s Point at 4 and went back to the island to sulk.

My theory was that cliff jumping is all about the companions. My best friend was not that ‘courageous’ to actually jump first. Though the others were very supportive of everyone, seeing muscular people skipping even jumping the lowest points zaps determination.

But our P1,500 were not wasted. I just know there’s going to be a second round. And P.S., contrary to a friend’s proposition, I don’t need to get drunk to make it.

View from the boat
Me shooting something / at something
Of course we’re bold
This is maternal love
5 meters
Classic Michael style
Chatting with some newfound ‘friends’
Second to the lowest points
Some random shot
Some more random shot

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