Boracay chronicles – Random whatnots

The port had a taste of sour saltiness. The last time I was here, we were battered with unforgiving rain taunting to ruin our small stolen vacation.

Our flight was delayed a bit. One hour to be more accurate. No. 1.something hours.
Kalibo airport has become my next-door airport the past 11 months
The operator and one of the drivers of this shuttle service has become my friends. Contact me if you want them pick you up.
My best friend buying some snacks before the 1.5 hr ride

But not this day. The sun took time to reassure us of simple enjoyment of the island. I started video recording even while we were still running in the airport approximately two hours before landing in Boracay Station 3.

I can walk around the port with eyes closed. And when we set our foot on the cement extension of the Station 3 Jetty port of Boracay, I sighed a relief. My Lord, You know we deserve this.

Having been to the island for as many times I can recall, I confidently pulled my friend ahead of the tourists and outside the port gate. I spotted two single motorbikes waiting in the unofficial terminal beside the gasoline station. We rented two bikes to bring us to Station 3, the station of budget travelers in Boracay.

We had no hotel booking yet. Not a first for me, I must say, but to assure my friend, I called the hotel manager I got acquainted with in my stay last December, to drop a message that we’re arriving in a few minutes.

The motorbikes took turn leading, as I video recorded the ride. I don’t know how to ride a bike, so riding at the back of a reckless driver without helmet is exhilarating for me, regardless of time and place.

My friend messaged me if I was interested to meet up. I looked at my phone time and decided to spend some time clearing my head from Manila’s thoughts before I agree for a small reunion with anyone in the island. This is my time.

“Hi, we’re here. We need rooms, please.”
Boracay Station 3
View from the boat
Lying on the sand for some relaxing “Me” moments
It was an afternoon without worries (supposedly)
Station 3 sand is different from the sand in Station 1

We took a different route and when we alighted on an unfamiliar territory, I bumped into the manager and he told me finally that there were no rooms available.

I traced a stroke of worry on my friend’s face, but the manager, having established a good professional relationship with me last time, walked with us to a nearby hotel for an accommodation.

We landed in a split-type bungalow and we were given the other half all for ourselves.

The place was of basic necessities: clean towel, clean bed sheet and a note pasted on the wall across the single king size bed that says “No tattoos on bed sheet. P500 fine.”

We settled in for 30 minutes, ate some takeaway home food and welcomed, finally, the sun as it perched behind coconut trees to tell us, “Welcome back to Boracay.”


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