Sometimes, THINGS happen

Sometimes, funny things happen.

Sometimes, weird things happen.

Sometimes, confusing things happen.

And sometimes, human excretion matter happens.

naia terminal 1
Why are we still here?

I don’t follow normal check-in time allowances. I check in just in time for activities related to air travel. For a 6:30 flight, let’s say, I leave my house at 4:30 a.m. and arrive 20 minutes in the airport to do whatever. My typical schedule is heavily influenced by my living near the airport. I got used to always almost making it. I even got to experience checking in to an already closed counter.

I sat at the departure lounge of the NAIA Terminal 1, waiting for the final call of my flight to Beijing. I watched how the flight guide rotated digits of my flight from 5:15 to 6:00. 6:00 became 6:15. 6:15 to 6:27. So on and so forth. Ladadi, ladida. I sat there. Just sat there knowing that I won’t make it to that flight – that my fate that morning was sealed by an unseen movement, and I constantly told myself there will always be something good in store for me. Repeat ten times. It will work.

I was waiting for a call. No wait, someone was waiting for my call. I needed to do something to make this trip – or at least come out of it alive.

“Refused” apparently is a technical term used by flight employees to people they refuse to let in a flight. Then there’s the “off boarded”, which sounds more awful as if you’re almost there but never made it. Refused sounds better because it’s as if you’re never really qualified so there is no need to even try. It’s like the pain and heartache is lessened because you’re never really meant for it.

I made one final call and as 6:29 turned to 6:30, I was waving goodbye to the Beijing flight as another flight took its place in the flight guide. It didn’t sink in to me to miss my flight. It already has sunk an hour ago, but I still fought it, the feeling, that perhaps, by some twist of God’s hand, I would make it. But then again, my making that flight won’t be that time – today – it has to happen some other time – some other perfectly fitted day.

I just had to understand it while eating rice and drinking coke.

Now, things happen and this is one of those beautiful things in life that I will always be appreciative of. Regardless of how hard it is to understand.


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