The famous C5 extension

Enough of the laziness.

I have been to X different cities/provinces in the country, Y number of countries in the span of three months and have shared nothing about them. I can start with the lengthy lazy blogger’s apology but I’d start with something nice instead.


This is how I jog

A couple of years ago, an average Pinoy can never end the day without seeing a TV commercial of Villar flaunting his projects or PNOY destroying them. One of such Villar projects was the C5 extension which I have the privilege of knowing intimately because it passes by our subdivision and makes a cool place to jog in the early morning. It sparked some great controversy which caused my beloved then former Congressman his bid for the Presidency.

One of the great streams

Contrary to popular belief, it is a very helpful piece of (taxpayers’ money-funded) project. Trees were sporadically lining the paved high-class cemented road. Small lakes formed out of nowhere and they make really nice photo ops.

One of my training days, I decided to skip the routine of running and just bring a camera with me. I’ve always wanted to take photos in the area but never got the chance to. It’s hard to run with a one-kilo camera dangling from your neck. So I made sure I would do it in a perfect time.

I dropped by the house of my favourite training partner, Kuya Jsl, and I gladly announced to him that there won’t be running that morning. That I would dedicate my entire being into taking photos. Lots and lots of it.

So, almost an hour before preparing for work, Kuya Jsl and I walked around C5 Extension taking photos of anything from leaves of grass, pavement, mud, shoes of other runners, etc. He enjoyed directing me and telling me which photos I should take. It was also his idea to take this photo of him trying to break the tree branch by letting his XYZ-pound body hang on it.

If you’re the active type and don’t like going to work early, try jogging here. 100%, be sure to inhale the freshest gas fumes from the earliest motorists. That’s OK. You know how expensive the highway is, so it will definitely be worth it.

NOTE: As you can see, I only uploaded two photos. Tee hee. Will upload more in the days to come. 😀


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