Arriving in Baler

Baler Central
Everythig says “Baler” around the place

Two stopovers. At least those that I was aware of.

I stepped off the bus to see Cabanatuan. It looked – well – like any other province.

How to I compare it to other provinces when we were only stuck in the Genesis bus stopover station to pee and to bond with fellow traveler? Fortunately, no bonding took place and unfortunately, the peeing came a little bit later. I was last in queue because I found it hard to decide whether I felt like peeing or not.

The chill in the air alerted me I was nowhere near my Manila home. SZ and I walked around to take some photos, which she plans on publishing/sharing sometime 2014 when Baler is named after another famous artista or something.

What I hate about stopover washrooms is that they’re almost not free. I managed to not pay anything. (Or did I? I hardly remember because this happened months ago and I am writing from memory.)

Baler market
Baler market

A few more hours of drive and we were greeted by random signage that said Baler everywhere. The bus took a small detouring around the town to drop off random passengers before we reached the station.

“Quick. Get off the bus slowly to we can savour our first step in Baler,” Wwo suggested creatively.

“I’ll videorecord yours,” I replied sensibly and went ahead to wait for them outside the bus.

Baler Terminal
SZ, Wwo and I (at least the top of what seems to be my head)

We’re all destined to meet

Bus stations are good markets for drivers selling themselves for tours. We were immediately approached by some but as we were naturally lost and didn’t know where to take our next shuttle to Dinadiawan we didn’t mind them. We had to ask around to directions to know what to do next.

As we approached the final person to tell us we were ridiculously far from our hotel, something he never failed to emphasize during that 2 minute Q&A portion, that it would take us 1.5 hours to travel, that we were foolish to even take that hotel in the first place, one remarkably annoying and pushy tricycle driver caught our attention. I asked him where the shuttle station to our hotel place is and he said he could bring us there with a price, of course.

After some bargaining, we were too tired to think and precious moments were being lost there. Thought of trekking, beachin-ing, surfing, touring filled out heads that we immediately agreed to their pricing.

If you need info about them, email me and I’ll send their numbers to you.

Our first Baler meal
Our first Baler meal

First meal, first time to breathe

The thought of us going somewhere far stressed us out so we decided to eat before we decide on anything. While Wwo was contacting our hotel, we were eating adobo, gulay and drinking Coke.

Our first meal made cleared out minds and soon, we all decided not to go to the hotel yet and proceed with our first round of tour.

FIRST STOP: San Luis Falls (a.k.a. MOTHER FALLS).

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