On a random beach night

We sit still, under the dimly-lit night sky; dawn is near, but we linger until the last few minutes turn into another haze of day.

With dreams patterned over commercial build-ups on anything that sells our souls to greed, we forget we had questions. We forget we had souls, problems, answers. Somehow the past and the future all merge in this moment, this beach, this friendship. We are drunk with passion that soon got us giggling, turning our eyes to passing strangers, trying to spin a makeshift bottle to make sure no one escapes the telling of the darkest secrets.

We all sit here. Stilled by the moment where nothing ever seems to matter. And in that moment, we know, paradise is in the people we meet.

This is dedicated to Krisana, Isa and Roxanne who all shared this wonderful, God-filled night with me. Let us all meet again soon.


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