BALER: They escaped to Ermita Hill for safety, we did it to dry up

Baler Bay, Aurora
Looking at the opposite of Baler Bay

What can I say about Ermita Hill except that it’s a hill overlooking the serene Baler Bay?

Atop the park where it took us another 20 or so minutes from San Luis to the other side of Aurora, the tricycle ride did the honour of drying us up. I was half-worried we had to pay anything passing by a ‘checkpoint’ before the 5 minute ride up, but I was glad they were only asking for donations.

We parked somewhere between two 4×4’s and left all our stuff inside the tricycles. We trust the Aurorans that much we risked half of our equipment just to walk around baggage-free.

Photo ops came and we had some time to relax and see how beautiful the waves broke into Sabang Beach and already the promise of one whole day of surfing made us giddy we drooled.

For those looking for anything exciting and heart-pounding about Ermita Hill, let me run you through bits and pieces of its history.

Nah, you have Wikipedia for that.

What you need in getting here is appreciation for life. For a few stolen moments, we saw the entire Aurora province or at least half of it and admired the unobstructed view of the Pacific Ocean. Of course we took turns taking photos and asking our photos be taken.

Ermita Hill is a great break from the long tedious trip to Mother Falls and we’re glad we took it as the next stop.

Alas, our driver pointed to the beach to our right and told us we’re to go to Digisit Beach next.


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