BALER: What to expect in visiting Digisit Beach

Digisit Beach

We thought we’d have the entire beach by ourselves. Apparently, other people thought the same thing. This was one of the most crowded beach areas of Baler. Families upon families thronged here to spend videoke sessions by the waters.


  • If you have your own vehicle, you can park in one of the designated parking areas and set up your picnic space, however you want it done.
  • There are washrooms available.
  • You can pitch your tent here.
  • You can have your own videoke sessions here.
What to do in Digisit Beach
We found a little spot for ourselves

We had some random space to sit down and watch the waves. Prior to that, we chose to wash our arms and legs under the torrential but smaller baby falls, Digisit Falls. SZ took her time taking photos of that falls. We took our time picking up garbage by the beach.

What can I say about Digisit Beach?

It’s supposed to be clean, but it’s not. No one really takes time to pick up washed up twigs and seashell remnants washed ashore, but it still had something serenely beautiful about it. I actually loved it. Any beach for me will do. I live in the metro, where things can get ugly anytime. Digisit Beach offered to me a break away from all that.

Walking south, we arrived at the famous rocky area where the three all agreed to do some rock-climbing while I took my own me-time taking photos.

Rock climbing in Digisit Beach
Rock climbing in Digisit Beach

One of the drivers stayed near the tricycles while the other had some father-daughter moments by the water. He also doubled as a photographer. The result? Something magnificent.

Digisit Beach

Geek talk: Since we’re really confused where to go and what to do and how to manage our time, I didn’t know whether to wait for the sunset or push on with the tour with the group.  I wanted to make more shots, but with our limited moments, I couldn’t really make up my mind.

I just made a simple note to myself: When I go back, I will bring a big truck with me, drive very early or stay up til sunset to the sound of the videoke families and take another shot.

Digisit Beach
The sand

I also took random bottle shots. Since the beach had so much to offer, I took time falling behind the team on our way back to the tyks just to take photos of these. Makes me remember this campaign very very well.

Digisit Beach
The beach

And oh, here is one random video of the view overlooking Digisit Beach that I took on our way back.


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