Sleepless in a shuttle

Living in Manila entails the adventure of rough-riding the road either on a boat, a raft or a van-turned-into-a-yacht. No one is spared. Not even this guy.

Here, you cannot pay your way to dryness. You will always experience getting stranded / flooded / stuck somewhere. SUVs and BMWs are on the same page as jeepneys and pedicabs. The rich and the poor all get wet. This is a video taken by my friend.  The flood spared no one. Not even exclusive villages for the high society.

On the week of the recent flooding in Manila, I spent the night in a van with a friend and three strangers. Not everyone were blessed like us. We had the rows of seats for our own selves and we all could sleen horizontally. The other vans, we found out in the morning, had the passengers share a vertical space with a newfound friend. We got stuck because the bridge to our village was flooded to the waist (of an average Filipino). The creek near that bridge overflowed and we just couldn’t pass through.

The next morning, we awoke to see many other stranded passengers. We stopped by a sari-sari store and had to ask a random house to allow us to use their bathroom. But you see, that’s the fun thing about living here. One moment you’re soaking wet from sweat and the next moment you’re swimming in the floods. I am not insensitive to those who lost a lot during the flood. I actually encourage everyone who can donate / help out to do so.

We already have our own ways from our church. So if you want to help out, here are the info you need. And since I am a bit bias on Gordon (to whom I got the privilege of working for in 2010), I give these to you.

red cross philippines

People get affected. Everyone, and I mean everyone has a slice of the cake. So I found this photo of Australians enjoying the flood amidst the chaos of getting wet and drowned very interesting. It became viral in hours.  It’s a good reflection of how travellers should react to getting stuck in a flooded area here. I don’t see it supposedly creating a negative image of Manila or the Philippines as a whole. It’s all about the adventure.

Swimming more fun in the Philippines

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