EL NIDO: My random thoughts on leaving the place

El Nido Beach
Waking up to this is heaven on earth

Whilst it is of certain sadness that I have a small portion of pain in leaving Palawan, I am also aware that I can always go back here anytime I feel like it. El Nido is a beautiful place – this is an undeniable fact, but it was too much for an average budget traveler like me to experience.

I have a list of things to note for the budget travelers to El Nido. You have to bring extra cash, regardless of how much you think you’ve saved. It is a precautionary matter that should make you survive the most daunting yet breathtaking El Nido.

P5,000 could be stretched, but if you’re willing to explore the islands, the island hopping tours are bound to take P3,500 from your allotment already. Then your food and your accommodation will come second and third. Accommodations are cheap but the food is somehow deceiving. A simple meal is priced at the Manila average so be ready for this too.

No parties in El Nido beach, which is a good thing. I am never a party person but the loudness of Boracay made me adjust a bit to the calm night in El Nido beach.

People are friendly, save for some who are downright snobbish despite the need for their jobs to be accommodating to guests, but all in all, the people of El Nido are commendable for their hospitality.

This is a general idea. I am going to dedicate a few articles on my first ever exploration of El Nido. I might skip Mindoro, Mongolia, Hong Kong and the last of the Baler ones first for this.

Now, as I wait for my plane to arrive, I shall ponder on the greatness that El Nido is in my mind.

Written while waiting for my 5:40 PM flight back home.


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