PUERTO PRINCESA: The Butterfly Farm

And then we went to the Butterfly Farm.

Why would we miss the chance of seeing hundreds and hundreds of flying insects moving about free to be photographed?

In all its rarity, the place was different from when I first saw it last 2010. It was being renovated then and now as we walked past the blooms and fluttering insects in the ‘farm’ I saw the changes they made of the place.

I managed to pull off some photos. Weirdly, it was raining when I first set foot there two years ago and it was raining when SZ and I visited it. I guess the place was meant to be seen wet. And with the promise of seeing something magnificent, I found at most two or three species to be photographed – most of them were hiding somewhere to dry up – and with each uncommon sighting I would celebrate it with a small snapshot.

Honestly, I wanted to visit the farm for the experience of fluttering butterflies, but the disappointment brought by the drizzle made me capture mostly plants – and some random flowers pretending to be non-flowers.

It will not take someone more than 30 minutes to capture the entire area. I was pretty much done shooting after three or four butterflies. My head was getting more wet by the minute. SZ entertained herself with the geckos. I went ahead to the scorpion area and was glad to see the old kuya still there – taking care of the scorpions and other insects enclosed in glass aquariums.

Since I already had that OMG moment back in 2010, I wasn’t considering repeating holding scorpions again and SZ was not about to try.

So we left the butterfly farm, idly and set off to Mitra House while I silently wondered when will I get to visit it again, and whether kuya would still be there telling me that touching the scorpions is OK.


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