PUERTO PRINCESA: What’s baking in Baker’s Hill?

Universal Studios could be in their minds when they created this place. It was raining again when we visited Baker’s Hill. It was probably best seen that way. I did that in 2010 and weirdly, I was repeating the same feat. Only in 2010, I wasn’t able to get in. So my second visit was my chance.

We made our way into Baker’s Hill by pretending we’re waterproof.

SZ of course wanted to save her camera. She took time walking into the drizzle. I just had to get on with it.

What do Marilyn Monroe, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs have in common? Beats me. But everywhere we looked, the place was filled with plastic memorials of these characters I wondered where they hid JFK and the Green Witch.

There were no open stores. We couldn’t even buy water, so we just took our time taking photos of whatever we could  to kill time. We had 20 more minutes before we should head back to the terminal for our shuttle ride to El Nido.

I’m sure Baker’s Hill had a purpose. Some of the guides I encountered told me it’s a nice place to eat at. Maybe I can experience it someday – when I go back again – and this time, I hope, it won’t be raining.


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