El Nido beach

EL NIDO: Spending mornings along El Nido Beach

And because I had an office Big Group, I skipped dinner. I had to fast. Fasting facing the beach while Skyping people in a café humbles one’s spirit down.

No dinner means savings. I saved on some money.

The next morning I was out early – way too early that the café which was to serve me my “free” breakfast wasn’t open yet.

I took my seat on a bench inside the hotel ground facing the beach (the gate of the hotel to the open beach was still hooked and I did not dare unhinge for the other guests’ security.)

Praying along the beach is the best experience for a prayerful person. I mean, yeah it’s all about God, but seeing my bedsheet compared to seeing the calm waters of El Nido beach is just amazing. I kept on saying “God, thank You. Thank You!” and repeated that for like ten times two times.

Slowly, the world woke up and I didn’t notice the caretakers opening the gate. I could hear someone cooking from the café nearby and being the hungry fellow I was the previous night, I was craving for some biggie free meal.

I ordered for a brewed coffee, large. But the lady at the counter candidly told me it’s for another P20. Nah. I contented myself with a bacon-and-rice meal. My coffee was a Kopiko Brown three-in-one and I sat to my table and waited.

I watched boats glided through and parked to the edge of the beach waiting for “tourists.” It made me giddy to get on to ours and have our own tour. We took TOUR A: Small and Big Lagoons, Shimizu Island, Fish Feeding / Snorkelling, Commando Beach. It’s worth P700 plus P200 environmental fee.

SZ soon joined me and we ate in silence, breathing the fresh air the entire town possessed. It was gem. It was heaven. I stared at the calm blue sea stunned. The adventure was about to begin.


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