EL NIDO: Pre-nup in El Nido is not a bad photo affair

El Nido is a good place to do a pre-nup shoot
El Nido is a good place to do a pre-nup shoot


Well, I know nothing of it – except if it’s about God, beach, sand, sky and beautiful photos.

So don’t pass judgement on my seemingly detached take on the subject matter. But since we were hauled off from the comforts of metro living into the far flung beaches of El Nido to document the best of this other love, I am hereby presenting to you APL+DRW’s definition of love.

Commando Beach, El Nido, Palawan

6 years and counting and now they’ve decided that more years added to their lives would simply not be worthwhile without that special formal bind. On December 30, they will wed.

SZ and I made our way to Manila Domestic Airport (now known as Terminal 4) one morning to leave for Puerto Princesa, Palawan, our first stop to our journey to El Nido. We had some weird moments of sleepiness and after more than 8 hours of travelling, we arrived at El Nido to do the pre-nup.

El Nido is a quiet place. A refuge of travelers who’re looking after enjoying the sun, the beach, the beauty of the world, and the companionship of fellowmen, who are all after the same uncomplicated things.

It’s a far cry from my other beloved Boracay. I was told of the serenity of El Nido and was half expecting its silence but on our first night along El Nido beach, I was still struck by the otherworldly stillness of the place.

El Nido rocks
Who says it’s all glamour?

We did the ‘photoshoot’ during our island hopping tour. The weather was superb and the couple was more than exciting to explore with us.

Shooting in El Nido is tricky, especially for the first timers. We had no idea where to go, and what places best to take good photos of the couple. Being a non-pro myself, I only wanted to take photos of the beach with the couple in view. Ha ha. But good thing I was with SZ and we had fun during the tour.

The tour ended with a dinner at Sea Slugs. It was a nice affair with El Nido.

The couple’s wedding info can be found here. Congratulations in advance! Love you both!

SHAMELESS PLUG: I don’t mind shooting pre-nup photos. I accept fun projects as long as you bring me to where you will go. For the next pre-nup adventure, email me at manilacitizenikki@gmail.com. 🙂


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