LA UNION: My first for 2013

Photo of the things to come
Photo of the things to come

Last year, I started my travel plan by randomly joining a Pinatubo hike. This year, I started by randomly dragging myself to surf in La Union.

It was my first trip for 2013 so it had to be ‘special.’ (Whatever that means.)

I’ve never been to La Union before so the usual Googling had to be done before leaving. Not to anyone’s amazement, it was minutes before leaving the office that I found out how to go to and where to go in La Union.

(I brought my backpack to the office in hopes I could go straight to Cubao after office hours, but we had music training and practice so I had to go back to the church before leaving. Then I realised I left my sandals at home. So I went back home, completely forfeiting ever bringing my backback to work.)

 The plan

Due to time constraint, the plan was to surf for one day and leave the same night. So that’s what I did. Basically, it was genius.

Interestingly, things fell into a good cohesive plan.

I took a taxi to Partas Pasay. I confidently told my good friend JYM that I would go there on commute. Google Map had already told me where and how to get there.

But it rained, so I was forced to take a taxi. While chitchatting with the driver and his frustrations about his youngest kid not finishing studies, he told me Partas was not located in the same area anymore. Thankful to this, I added P10 as tip.

I arrived around 11:20 and the ticket officer told me the next schedule was at 12:30 to 1:00 A.M. I had time to kill.

Some random TV series was playing on TV but I wasn’t in the mood to be thinking of terrorism and random stranger killings. I took to the ‘comfort room’ for passing time and memorized the number of tiles lining the wall.

The next thing I knew, it was 12:30 already and I had to a bus to catch.


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