Telltale signs you’re a travel junkie

Since I am re-testing the posting ability of this site (I managed to erase everything from scratch thanks to my otherworldly experiments), I am publishing this “Telltale signs you’re a travel junkie” article for my test post.

Apologies for anything irritating posted.

8. You think and re-think before buying anything new.
You can’t buy that nice pair of shoes simply because you know its price is equivalent to a round trip ticket to your favorite beach spot. There is nothing you can’t compute instantly by comparing fare prices to other commodities. Another extra rice? Multiply that to 5 more cups and you have a ticket to Pampanga. You’re suddenly a math whiz of prices.
7. Your twitter feed is 98% from travel magazines and bloggers. 1% from friends. 1% for others.
You miss some tweets from friends because they’re published in-between beach photos and tips from your favorite bloggers.
6. Your backpack is reminiscent of a rag doll.
It’s too worn, has holes, and looks desperately in need of an emergency operation, but you just can’t buy another one. If it can still carry all your stuff, it’s still good to go, right?
5. Credit bill’s all about tickets, gears and water things. You promise yourself buying those fins is the last for this month. Oh wait, that nice waterproof case is just superb. Oh, and those aqua shoes! Look at ’em!
4. Your browser history consists of 5% work-related stuff and 95% travel websites.
Just type “C” and comes out your browser address bar. Just type “A” and out comes ALT+TAB is your best friend whenever boss is around.
3. Facebook friends list is ballooning. 
You have tons of Facebook friends that are not necessarily from your country / city. You meet one Australian surfer and want to be friends forever. You meet one cool girl from Bali and you add her in Facebook. You add too much people you end up wondering who are in your daily news feed.
2. You’re mouth waters whenever there’s a seat sale.
You’re subscribed to the seat sale alert of every possible airline promo on earth, either via email, twitter, Facebook or SMS.
1. You vacation leave is 0 by February.
You’re either that invisible boss or that mysterious employee. You cease to exist right after working days resume by January.

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