Hi. I am an Apostolic Kingdom Citizen. I’m basically a travelling ‘preacher’. I’ve been present all over the web, (being an online media editor somewhere, a freelance photo person, seasonal web ‘designer’ and an impatient graphic ‘artist’) but I am not really comfortable sharing who I am.

Until, of course, this idea came out.  I’ve been wanting to tell the world how beautiful the Philippines is and I want to start by sharing about my beloved homeplace – Metro Manila.

I love meeting new people, sharing the Word of God, and travelling. So far – I think I can live doing all that until I am told to stop.


I don’t have the monopoly of cramming but I always tend to be a crammer when a) booking flights; b) booking hotels; c) deciding what to do during travels.


I often suck at having fun, because having fun for me is being alone. But I can attest, through the testimonials of random people, that I am a fun person. There’s a light switch on my nape, just under the hairline. Flip it on if you need to have fun.

No Smoking Zone Lover

I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. My head reacts badly to secondhand smoke. My belly is never used to getting any alcoholic substance in its enclosed environment.


I tend to sleep while inside a moving vehicle, though I’ve never tried it in a rumbling roller coaster, in which I had a fond memory of almost being flown off the air when I failed to lock it during its pre-run.


I like eating anything during travels, but I tend to stay away from anything that has triple digits to the left of the decimal point.

Clean Freak

I am a clean freak. I like clean beds and clean rooms. But I don’t mind sleeping anywhere if it means saving a lot for more travel. Bit ironic, actually.

Morning Person

I don’t like staying up too late. If ever I do, I may either be inside my church or inside a really nice place with cool restos and cafes.

Suspended Spender

I don’t like spending money that much.


I don’t enjoy the company of too-serious people. My default face is the smiley one. If you think I’m too sunny, just skype me. I’m mean when typing.

Jesus Freak

If twelve minutes into the conversation, I don’t say ‘God’, or ‘Jesus’, or ‘salvation’ then you’re not considered a comfort zone.

Single NOT Ready to Mingle

I don’t date when travelling. Just so you know.


I like different languages. But my favourite non-Filipino is French.

Other blogs

I have other blogs – but sharing this will do.




15 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, I’m glad there’s another person in a mission to show Manila’s beautiful angles. I hope to stumble upon you somewhere in the cities. Your photos are amazing!

    1. Hi. Haha. I don’t know if I want to do that. 🙂 I can privately email them to you though. XD

      Nice to meet you here too, fellow Manila citizen. 😀

  2. Came here from Definitely Filipino. Cheers to another Filipino patriot and sister in Christ. May God continue to bless your online work.

    1. Hi! Well, it’s a long story. 🙂 But I never regretted a single minute of giving and surrendering my entire life to Him. You should visit us here! 🙂 I always volunteer being the tour guide of people haha.

  3. Hi there.Finally, I read your blog and I think it’s really cool. l am so glad to meet a fellow believer and follower of Jesus Christ. God Bless you more ma’am 🙂 I’ll definitely visit Baler. Thank you for sharing.

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