Sleepless in a shuttle

Living in Manila entails the adventure of rough-riding the road either on a boat, a raft or a van-turned-into-a-yacht. No one is spared. Not even this guy. Here, you cannot pay your way to dryness. You will always experience getting stranded / flooded / stuck somewhere. SUVs and BMWs are on the same page as jeepneys and pedicabs. The rich and the poor all get … Continue reading Sleepless in a shuttle

On a random beach night

We sit still, under the dimly-lit night sky; dawn is near, but we linger until the last few minutes turn into another haze of day. With dreams patterned over commercial build-ups on anything that sells our souls to greed, we forget we had questions. We forget we had souls, problems, answers. Somehow the past and the future all merge in this moment, this beach, this … Continue reading On a random beach night

Another travel advisory issued

Again, I read another recent horrible kidnapping story last week. It happened in the southern areas of the Philippines.

For a Manila citizen like me, it’s not supposed to make me feel threatened or disturbed, but looking at a broader perspective, this cannot be the case.

I saw a travel advisory from the British government about travelling in the Philippines, in the aftermath of the kidnappings. Continue reading Another travel advisory issued