Journey with a ‘journeying’ surfer

One of Philippines’ renowned travel bloggers, JMS, was still in the area and agreed to accompany me and my buddy-less self. We met that morning and went surfing “together.” (Oh that word sounds so cunning.)

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URBIZTONDO: The intimacy with my seatmate

One time, as I temporarily gained consciousness during my REM, I was shocked to see my forehead directly in a ‘too-close-for-comfort’ contact against seatmate’s forehead. Continue reading URBIZTONDO: The intimacy with my seatmate

I am not a travel blogger

Looking for options in Hong Kong

“I am not a travel blogger.”

I told that to a stranger sitting across me at a table while eating my ice cream in my recent trip to La Union. Minutes ago, there were talks on the environment, saving the world and living with strangers in your house. Then I was asked what I was doing there. Continue reading “I am not a travel blogger”

El Nido beach

EL NIDO: Spending mornings along El Nido Beach

Praying along the beach is the best experience for a prayerful person. I mean, yeah it’s all about God, but seeing my bedsheet compared to seeing the calm waters of El Nido beach is just amazing. I kept on saying, “God, thank You. Thank You!” and repeated that for like ten times two times. Continue reading EL NIDO: Spending mornings along El Nido Beach

PUERTO PRINCESA: Eat at Elmer’s Pares for a change

I couldn’t hide my excitement at the notion of finally getting to know El Nido. I’ve been hearing about them from friends – and with constant prodding of people I know and from the diverse stories I heard about it – the desire to finally go to El Nido was born. There were booking blues and some random dramas for this trip, but as SZ … Continue reading PUERTO PRINCESA: Eat at Elmer’s Pares for a change

Sleepless in a shuttle

Living in Manila entails the adventure of rough-riding the road either on a boat, a raft or a van-turned-into-a-yacht. No one is spared. Not even this guy. Here, you cannot pay your way to dryness. You will always experience getting stranded / flooded / stuck somewhere. SUVs and BMWs are on the same page as jeepneys and pedicabs. The rich and the poor all get … Continue reading Sleepless in a shuttle