AURORA: Our first hotel

Our hotel was one of the best ones I’ve been in. Ever. Continue reading AURORA: Our first hotel


Sleepless in a shuttle

Living in Manila entails the adventure of rough-riding the road either on a boat, a raft or a van-turned-into-a-yacht. No one is spared. Not even this guy. Here, you cannot pay your way to dryness. You will always experience getting stranded / flooded / stuck somewhere. SUVs and BMWs are on the same page as jeepneys and pedicabs. The rich and the poor all get … Continue reading Sleepless in a shuttle

BALER: What to expect in visiting Digisit Beach

No one really takes time to pick up washed up twigs and seashell remnants washed ashore, but it still had something serenely beautiful about it. I actually loved it. Any beach for me will do. I live in the metro, where things can get ugly anytime. Digisit Beach offered to me a break away from all that. Continue reading BALER: What to expect in visiting Digisit Beach

BALER: They escaped to Ermita Hill for safety, we did it to dry up

Ermita Hill is known for its history. It provided an escape to the people of Baler looking for safety from the tsunami that hit its shores in 1735. 277 years later, we visited the hill bearing no historical significance to anything but ourselves. Continue reading BALER: They escaped to Ermita Hill for safety, we did it to dry up

On a random beach night

We sit still, under the dimly-lit night sky; dawn is near, but we linger until the last few minutes turn into another haze of day. With dreams patterned over commercial build-ups on anything that sells our souls to greed, we forget we had questions. We forget we had souls, problems, answers. Somehow the past and the future all merge in this moment, this beach, this … Continue reading On a random beach night

Arriving in Baler

Two stopovers. At least those that I was aware of. I stepped off the bus to see Cabanatuan. It looked – well – like any other province. How to I compare it to other provinces when we were only stuck in the Genesis bus stopover station to pee and to bond with fellow traveler? Fortunately, no bonding took place and unfortunately, the peeing came a … Continue reading Arriving in Baler