The Philippines (Ang Pilipinas)

It’s Philippines. People here are called Filipinos, spelled as such (not Philippinos or any other variations of that). We are colloquially calling ourselves Pinoy. Our current president is nicknamed Pnoy, short for President NoyNoy.

What we like

Singing. My European friend told me once Filipinos love singing. But I was told I sing more often than an average Filipino. The typical Pinoy gathering includes lots and lots of photos of people (eating, drinking, swallowing, dancing, sleeping, etc) and the famed videoke. Here, we can rent a videoke machine for P1500 a night or if it’s in the provinces, you may haggle for 2 nights.

Texting. We claim that we’re the texting capital of the world. I still haven’t seen any study on that, but yes, we love texting. I was once called rude by a Swedish friend for texting during dinner. I lost my Spanish friend because I was texting while we were talking. That simply is part of our system. A text message in the Philippines is typically P1, unless you are texting someone from the same network. We have three major telcos here, so to text someone for ‘free’ one has to be of the same network as the person you’re contacting. So you switch networks if you have to. But then again, you could be texting someone from the other network too, so you need another sim card for that. Then again, your officemate, whom you have to call often is in another network, so on and so forth. I have three sim cards and two phones.

Eating. We love eating but our food is stale for most foreign visitors here. Feel free to explore though. The streets have a lot of surprises for you. Spell B-A-L-O-T-.

Freebies. Yes, we shamelessly get the MRT station giveaways, the free lotion samples, small cake slices and other things we can get for free. I was in a super power conference in Singapore last year and I thought only we, my beloved people, were the single ones filling our loot bags with tumblers, pens and notepads, but as I fill my bag in a queue for more freebies, I saw a Caucasian girl filling hers too. We smiled at each other. I guess it’s a human thing. Still, we love freebies.

Last update: 25 Apr 2012

(NOTE: This page is continuously being updated. If you have other ideas, write your comments below or email me at manilacitizenikki[at]gmail[dot]com.)


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