2012: That ‘Amazing Year’ I almost completed my list

2012 was my stab at travelling. I mean, it’s actually my first serious attempt to be serious at it.

Maybe it’s the influence of others. Maybe it’s my own eye-opening moments. Maybe it’s when I worked at an airport for two weeks and met wonderful travelling people that brought me to the conclusion that I wasn’t made to sit in an 8-hour job.

So OK, I have an 8-hour job but I travel every now and then. Plus my job has its own travel perks. So my conclusion proves well.

Plus, all the apostles I so dearly look up to were travellers themselves. So I know I fit in the picture just perfectly.

I not only almost finished my “things to do” this 2012, but I also met lots and lots of beautiful people that changed my perspective on travelling.

My UN list is mostly done. Maybe I lack 20 more countries in my “list of friends from such and such country.” I now have a friend on almost every possible country I dream of visiting in the future so it’s cool. (Haha, I wish!)

The thing is, I don’t want to attempt at making a melancholic look-back of 2012, but I can’t help but be very very thankful to God about every place I went to.

I’ll just make a quick list of memorable things I did this 2012.

pinatubo trek Jan 2012
Mt Pinatubo trek with the cool people

Mt Pinatubo

People: Who’ll forget the music scenes amidst the ashes and blistering sun? Of course, who’ll forget the amazing Vietnamese people I met that became really good friends? Plus the crazy Pinoys that went with the package?

Unforgettable: Dzan puking. Haha.

Shoot, JRC, shoot!

Clark (Hot Air Balloon)

People: My friends met my other friends. The Philippine Air Force! Cool insider perks but awful blunders of not using them well.

Unforgettable: Getting inside the forbidden places in Clark Airfield.

manila citizen in the flesh
Manila Citizen carrying a tripod and camera to the beach?!

Boracay (Again)

People: My beloved Russian friends. Meeting funny Aussies who like cliff jumping the weird way.

Unforgettable: Cliff jumping with my best friend.

Ligaya, Mindoro

People: Church people! Nothing beats going places with those you’re in one spirit with.

Unforgettable: God’s movement in our satellite church there.

It’s not me. Mind you. Photo from MeLikesArt.com.


People: Met new tricycle drivers and cool new people.

Unforgettable: Surfing!

Hong Kong layover options
Hong Kong layover options

Hong Kong

People: Spending quality time with my beloved mentee.

Unforgettable: Upgrade to business class! 1 hour tour!

walking back to the 4×4 after a shoot with the camels


People: The warmest Mongolians. The coolest American engineers!

Unforgettable: Leaving my mark in every Mongolian land space possible by throwing up every hour!

Laiya, Batangas

People: More Church people!

Unforgettable: The heart-pumping ride at the cliff.

el nido 2012
Finally, a photo op during my first ever pre-nup shoot for a friend at El Nido

El Nido

People: Intimate moments with my photo buddy, one of my closest high school friend and her fiancé.

Unforgettable: Mornings by El Nido beach.

Coron jump shot. We did it everywhere actually. (That’s me in the middle.)


People: Used-to-be-skinnies!

Unforgettable: Diving!

Bolinao & Alaminos

People: Office peeps!

Unforgettable: The public shower.

I am not yet done. I still have a couple of places in mind that I haven’t conquered yet. And since I have not made up my mind on where to go exactly, I’m just hoping God will lead me to more exciting places this year.


4 thoughts on “2012: That ‘Amazing Year’ I almost completed my list

  1. Pakitanggal yang picture ng nagsusurf na yan, kung sino man yang nilalang na yan. Hahaha joke.

    Ikaw na ang naka-Mongolia. Inggit ako.

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